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Owen River Tavern Beverages

Beer on Tap

Monteith's Black $6.50 Pint. $11.00 Jug

Monteith's Original Ale, Speight's Gold Medal Ale,
DB Draught, Tui Brewed since 1889, Export Gold Lager $6.50 Pint $9.50 Jug.

Bottled Beers

New Zealand Beers $5.00
A comprehensive selection of all the country's most popular

Imported Beers $7.00
Heineken, Corona, Steinlager, Stella Artois

Spirits and Ciders

Spirits ( double unless stated) $8.50
All your favorites, plus any mix

Pre Mixed Spirits $10.00
Jack Daniels & Cola,  Jim Beam & Cola, Coruba & Cola, Gin & Tonic, Woodstock & Cola,
K.G.B. & Lemon, Vodka Smirnoff & Lemon, Madshake, Archera Schnapps Aqua Peach

Wild Cider $7.50

Brightstone Classic Cider $7.00

Soft Drinks

Orange, Tomato and Pineapple Juice
Small $4.00 Large $4.50

Mineral Water Pellegrino 250ml $4.50

Tea and Coffee

Chinese Tea $3.50

English Breakfast $3.80

Espresso $3.50

Cappuccino $3.80

Latte $4.20

Coffee and Liqueurs $10.00
Irish coffee, double or any combination you choose
Select from our extensive range of ports and liqueurs